That Dragon, Cancer developers turn to Kickstarter

That Dragon, Cancer is a heartbreaking / heartwarming game inspired by Ryan and Amy Green’s 4-year old son Joel, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at a young age. As the game was developed and the story progressed, Joel lost his fight with the dragon, but the game lives on – and now the development team needs your help.

We don’t normally cover Kickstarter or crowd-funded projects here on Player Attack, but today we’ll make an exception. Ryan, Amy and colleague Josh Larson have turned to the crowdfunding platform to raise enough money to give That Dragon, Cancer a proper release.

The team is hoping to raise $85,000 through the Kickstarter project, which will see the game released in 2015 on Windows, Mac, Linux and Ouya. That Dragon, Cancer has been developed as a monument not only to Joel, but also for the other families who may find themselves in similar situations.

Ryan and Amy are still working closely with the project, which is described as a 3D point-and-click adventure game “without the puzzles”. It becomes clear quite early in the game that the goal is not necessarily to beat the levels, but to exist in the moment – the levels, and the dragon, are out of your hands.

Though the dragon does not appear in the game, his violence is felt everywhere, which makes the gameplay an emotionally trying experience, but one we’re told enriches the lives of those who have played it.

There are a number of rewards available on the Kickstarter page, ranging from a simple digital download of the game up to the $4,000 tier which will let you put your favourite dog into the game – one of Joel’s favourite things.

The funding period for That Dragon, Cancer is open from now until December 13, and more than 500 backers have already pledged US$15,000.

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