Even more Amiibo confirmed by Nintendo

If you haven’t picked out your favourite Amiibo yet, Nintendo‘s got another group on the way. The next lot of Amiibo figurines are arriving in Japan from January 22 2015, making it to Australia/New Zealand less than a month later.

The third wave of Amiibo figures

The third wave of Amiibo figures

The eleven new toys were revealed via a nifty new image, which also features silhouetted figurines across the top border. Wave 3 is confirmed to include Lucario, Rosalina & Chico, Bowser, Toon Link, Sheik, Ike, Meta Knight and King Dedede, with Shulk, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man launching in a smaller sub-wave shortly afterward.

It’s worth noting that there are also silhouettes showing a trio of Pikmin, Tom Nook from Animal Crossing and what looks like a differently-posed Mario, Samus, Bowser and Link, as well. Nintendo‘s keeping quiet on these ones, however, so don’t hold your breath.

As we learn more about which games will use the technology (Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors), the company is reportedly investigating ways to let third-party partners and publishers integrate the Amiibo figurines into their games.

The first wave of Amiibo, including Mario, Link and Pikachu hits North America on November 21, Europe on November 28, and Australia/New Zealand on November 29, with more following two weeks later.

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