The Banner Saga sets its sights on PlayStation 4

The Banner Saga is indeed traipsing its way onto PS4, says developer Stoic Studio, hitting some time in “early 2015”. The game, which enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, arrived on PC in January to great critical acclaim.

Created by former BioWare developers, the game’s been described as “role-playing meets turn-based strategy”, all wrapped up in a neat story about vikings. And while it looks stunning (you’re in for a treat if you love old-school 2D animation), it was the soundtrack that grabbed people’s attention. Composed by Journey‘s Austin Wintory, it recently picked up a Golden Joystick Award nomination for Best Audio.

It’s not yet clear whether The Banner Saga will need to change in any way prior to its console release – it didn’t change much when it made the great leap to iOS earlier this year (an Android version is on the way), but a major living room console is a little bit different.

If you’ve already played The Banner Saga on PC and loved it, there’s good news for you, too: Designed as an episodic release, a second chapter for the story is currently in development.

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