Telltale drops icy hints for Game of Thrones

Telltale Games continues to tease us with news about Game of Thrones, today revealing that the first season of the game will be six episodes long – one longer than other Telltale franchises, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands.

What could this mean?

What could this mean?

The first episode will be called Iron From Ice, and we’re told it’s premiering “soon” (which we all hope means “some time before 2015”, but we can’t be sure).

Steve Allison, Telltale‘s senior vice president of publishing, tells International Business Times that the studio has been tweaking, evolving and adapting its storytelling with each game it’s worked on. In particular, it’s proud of the way its games interlace multiple voices, telling connected stories:

Playable stories can be very powerful, rivalling—for some people—TV and film-based entertainment in terms of emotional engagement. Discovering that was really magical for a ton of people. We hear from a lot of our fans that [The Walking Dead] was the first game that ever made them cry.

In Game of Thrones, there will be five playable characters – from the same family – and all of their choices will impact on each other. “That adds a whole new layer to things,” says Allison.

We don’t yet know just who this family will be, but an earlier hint suggests we may be about to get rather familiar with House Forrester, who play a minor part in the George R.R. Martin novels, but have not appeared on the HBO television adaptation yet.

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