GTA: San Andreas PC update removes songs

If you’re still playing your way (or re-playing) through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PC, you should be careful around the latest Steam update. Reports have started coming in that rather than fixing the game, the new patch is breaking save games and – more crucially – removing songs from the soundtrack.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Hey esé, don’t you know I’m loco!

To put this into perspective, the update also adds support for Xbox 360 controllers, so keep that in mind.

Fansite RockstarNexus reports that the songs that have been removed from the in-game radio are the same tracks that were wiped from the mobile version of San Andreas, prompting fans to wonder if Rockstar has run into licensing issues.

The update also removes the frequently-used 1920×1080 resolution (which was broken when the game first hit PC, then fixed, now gone), and has done something to your save data that means when you try to load a file, you’re faced with a clean slate and a new game.

If you don’t want to lose your save game (which we totally understand), there’s a user-created patch that promises to fix the issue, if you’re okay with using third-party mods for your game.

There’s been no official announcement about just why this patch is out now, and why it’s breaking so much stuff, but we’re guessing it has something to do with the recent release of the Xbox 360 version of San Andreas, which features polished-up graphics and achievement support.

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