Why Batman: Arkham Knight has no co-op mode

Want to know why there’s no co-op mode in Batman: Arkham Knight? Simply put: It’s because Batman himself is not the most sociable of creatures. The game, already labelled the “ultimate Batman simulator”, is designed to be a solo affair.

A spokesperson for developer Rocksteady Games explains in a recent livestream:

We’re making a Batman game. For us, that means getting the player to be the Batman. It’s a single-player experience where you get to pick up the controller and wear the cowl and be that guy. So there won’t be any co-op.

The Q&A also revealed a few other tidbits: The game itself is played out over one night, just like its predecessors. The world of Arkham Knight is five times larger than Arkham City and 20 times as big as Arkham Asylum – and it’s populated by criminals and militia. These NPCs can set up traps throughout the city and are able to pick fights with one another, meaning dynamic and emergent riots can occur even when Batman is on the other side of the map.

Excitingly, Rocksteady says it’s aiming for graphical parity across all platforms when Batman: Arkham Knight launches in June 2015. At this stage, we haven’t heard anything about framerates or resolution, but the team is promising us the same sort of look no matter if the game’s played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC.

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