Elite: Dangerous sets December release date

Space fans around the world are rejoicing, as Elite: Dangerous is finally given a release date. All the doubters who didn’t expect to see the game meet its “end of 2014” release date, you’ve been proven wrong.

Of course, if you’re a backer, or a pre-order customer (or some other lucky folk), you’ll have been playing Elite: Dangerous for months now, as it works through an assortment of alpha and beta tests, but if you’re none of the above, December 16 is the date to put in your calendar.

The release process is a little unusual: The game will cost US$60 when it hits PC in just over a month (a Mac version has also been promised for the not-so-distant future), but if you get in right now, you can pre-order the Mercenary Edition for just US$50 – and you get a pile of extra content, including an in-game Eagle fighter ship, a players’ guide, a “Day One” ship decal, a bunch of exclusive paint jobs, a digital art book and a few other bits and pieces of digital goodness.

…the only possible reason you could be left wanting at this point is if you’re holding out for a console version. Frontier Developments CEO David Braben has already said the studio would be “stupid not to” consider taking the game to other platforms (including Xbox One and PS4), but we don’t advise holding your breath for an announcement just yet.

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