Sunset Overdrive's most adorable secret uncovered

It’s taken avid fans seven days to discover one of the cutest secrets tucked away inside Sunset Overdrive – a character costume inspired by Ainsley. She’s the now four-year old daughter of game director Drew Murray, and in turn, one of the inspirations for the game itself.

One of Ainsley's Drawings in Sunset Overdrive

One of Ainsley’s Drawings in Sunset Overdrive

To find Ainsley’s Outfit, complete with rainbow shirt, striped leggings and brightly coloured shoes, gamers had to find twelve of Ainsley’s drawings, which were stashed all over Sunset City, not shown on any maps.

Drew tells Player Attack:

I wanted something special for her in the game – at first I was just going to have the wall drawing, but once it got in, I thought “I have to make people pay attention to it”.

While adding a drawing on a wall would have been a relatively simple affair, Drew’s treat for his daughter quickly got more complex. He gave character lead Gavin Goulden a copy of his favourite photo of Ainsley, dressed in (you guessed it) striped leggings and bright shoes, and the artist got to work on a very special costume.

Unfortunately, Ainsley’s sparkling star wand wasn’t able to make it into the game (Drew had considered introducing it as a melee weapon).

This was all done really last minute – I was running around asking people very quietly to do all the little steps that needed to be done to get it in the game.

When we first checked out Sunset Overdrive, both Drew and creative director Marcus Smith told us after working on the dark and gloomy Resistance series for years, both men wanted to do something bright and colourful. Both men were preparing for fatherhood while brainstorming ideas, and the result is Sunset Overdrive, an awesomepocalypse of a game, where the end times are not as depressing as we’ve been lead to expect.

5-yr old Ainsley playing Sunset Overdrive

5-yr old Ainsley playing Sunset Overdrive

And what does Ainsley think about all of this? “She loves it,” says her proud dad. Sunset Overdrive marks the first time the five-year old has ever held a game controller, but her Dad’s not too worried about the in-game violence. Using his super-special Insomniac powers, Drew simply turned the game’s monsters off, so Ainsley could run around the streets of Sunset City doing whatever she felt like.

If you want to experience for yourself just how cool a dad Drew Murray is, you can hunt for all 12 of Ainsley’s Drawings in Sunset Overdrive to unlock Ainsley’s Costume. To make things a bit easier, the folks at Xbox Achievements have hunted ’em all down and made a note of their locations.

UPDATE: The lovely Rob from Somewhat Awesome Films has put together a video of all 12 locations, if you’d prefer something more animated. He also shows off the colour variations for Ainsley’s Outfit.

Sunset Overdrive is out now, exclusively for Xbox One.

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