Dev believes Hatred cannot inspire mass-murders

Hatred, a game where you hunt down and shoot civilians for no reason more than you “felt like it” cannot inspire people to do the same in the real world simply because it is not a book or a movie.

Level designer Cyprian Listowski recently spoke with Polish outlet Spider’s Web, where he dropped a few more truth-bombs about what the studio wants to do with Hatred.

When asked about the potential impact of the game on the general public, Destructive Creations‘ opinion is clear: It cannot inspire any mass killings. As a video game, it is totally free from influencing anyone, in any way.

Cyprian Listowski

Cyprian Listowski

When a sick man looks for an inspiration for murder they look for it in books or movies.

The interview (which is in Polish, direct quotes are as translated by Adrian Chmielarz from The Astronauts), covers the game’s initial reveal and the world’s reaction, which Listowski describes as “free advertising”.

He goes on to explain that the game is not, as some have labelled it, a “Breivik simulator”. What we’ve seen so far of Hatred shows a man going on a murderous rampage, taking out mainly women and minorities. The full game, says Listowski, doesn’t only include chasing and killing innocent civilians, but also members of the military, who can fight back.

We’re not told how the military feel about the game, but Hatred has already upset the New York Police Department, who was included in the game’s debut trailer without permission. Just like Epic Games, the NYPD contacted Destructive and had the logos removed. Listowski claims ignorance of the topic, commenting that the studio did not know the logo was trademarked.

A scene from Hatred

A scene from Hatred

Finally, despite the initial reports suggesting that this is a game of passion, Listowski hints the studio may well just be in it for the money:

We just make this game as professionals. Killing people doesn’t excite us.

Destructive is reportedly seeking distribution via Steam and (neither service has confirmed it will carry the game), as well as potentially eyeing off a boxed release in its native Poland. Listowki laughs off the death threats the studio has received, saying that unless the team meets a man with a Kalashnikov, Hatred should be released in “April or May” 2015, exclusively for PC.

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