Evolve Big Alpha extended, available on PS4

PlayStation 4 gamers, your time is now. The Evolve Big Alpha has finally hit your preferred platform, and access has been extended for a couple more days to give everybody a shot.

The Evolve Big Alpha just got bigger!

The Evolve Big Alpha just got bigger!

Originally planned to run from October 31-November 2, the Big Alpha ran into some issues on the PlayStation 4, which the team at Turtle Rock has been working frantically trying to fix.

Even now, Evolve is not perfect on the PlayStation, as the developers explain on Twitter:

PS4 players: we’re still working on issues affecting matchmaking. We recommend queuing solo, with no role preference, if possible.

We’re told the team is “actively investigating” a number of issues, including the “cannot create multiplayer session” and “world not defined” errors that are affecting gamers trying to play. If matchmaking takes more than five minutes, you’re advised to go back to the main menu and start again.

While many gamers around the world are a little upset by the drama, Turtle Rock had always planned to run the Big Alpha as exactly that – a real alpha test – so teething issues were to be expected. Isn’t it better to get them all out of the way now, rather than when the game itself is launched?

Evolve was originally planned for an October release – it’s now been pushed back to February 10, 2015. If you have access to the Big Alpha, get in quick, you’ve only got a matter of hours left. Everything ends, Tuesday November 4 at 12pm Pacific (What’s that in my timezone?).

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