Bethesda's BATTLECRY beta to debut in Australia & New Zealand

Bethesda knows how to make this boy, and by proxy, the rest of Australia / New Zealand (I’m lumping y’all in this with me), feel awful special, by announcing the beta for their new team-based combat game BATTLECRY will be debuting first on our side of the pond!


“It will be extremely exciting to see people from Australia and New Zealand jump in and play the game when beta begins in 2015,” said Rich Vogel, president and executive producer at BattleCry Studios. “Everyone at the studio is looking forward to working with players in these two countries as we begin testing the game. They are paving the way for the rest of the world and will have a hand in helping us shape the future of BATTLECRY.”

Announced this year at E3, BATTLECRY is a crazy fast paced, team based combat game, set in a future where gunpowder has be outlawed and wars are now settled the old fashioned way, with groups of elite warriors fighting to the death with swords, bows and steampunk mega fists!

If you’re in the Melbourne area this weekend and have a pass the PAX AUS 2015 (if not you can probably sell a kidney for access) you can swing by the Bethesda booth and get some hands on with the game and even win some pretty rad prizes, including priority beta access codes.

For y’all who can’t make it (or have run out of kidneys to barter with) you can sign up for the Australian / New Zealand beta at:

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