Gears of War going back to its roots

Earlier this year Microsoft brought the game responsible reuniting gamer’s with the magic of chainsaws, Gears of War, from Epic Games. They then handed it to their subsidiary Black Tusk and went “make this franchise viable again!” and according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, they’re doing just that.

Gears of War 3

With biceps like that, you can do whatever you want!

Spencer hinted at gearing (pun most definitely intended) the upcoming game towards the bleaker tone of the original saying in a podcast interview with IGN “The thing that was great about the early Gears of War games, to me, was just the epic scale of the settings that I was in. The story, the setting was a lot more what I would call soulful and maybe even a little dark. I think the game over time became almost more of a parody of itself; not for any kind of horrible reasons. It’s hard to continue to manage the IP.”

Black Tusk is getting a hand in the rebirth of the series though, with Microsoft hiring former Epic dev Rod Fergusson to oversee the project. “I know Judgment didn’t hit everybody’s needs and desires in terms of what they wanted,” said Spencer. “But we have a new team, [Fergusson] is there to really help with the continuity. I think we can make sure that we’re investing in this thing for the next decade, which is how I want to think about it.”

Hell, as long as the game has the retro lancer I’m in…oh, and a compelling narrative and character development wouldn’t hurt either. No word on a estimated release window yet but you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be exclusively on Xbox One.

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