Watch 16 minutes of Remedy's Quantum Break

Are you as psyched as I am for Remedy’s new time-manipulating adventure romp, Quantum Break? Want to see more? Well you’re in luck! Those lovely folk at Remedy have released an extended look at the game, detailing a more in depth look at the mechanics, with accompanied break down from creative director Sam Lake (best known for being Max Payne’s face!).

The gameplay looks familiar to previously released footage but there’s more detail on how protagonist Jack Joyce will use his time-amplification powers to fight foes (like turning cars caught in time-stutters into bunker busting missiles!) and avoiding paradox like time loops.

If nothing else the visuals on display reaffirm that the game looks gorgeous, with transitions from cut-scenes in gameplay looking seamless and the rampant destruction looking more visually impressive than a Roland Emmerich movie!

Quantum Break is releasing exclusively for the Xbox One in 2015.

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