Halloween maps now live in TF2

It’s October again, which means two things- diabetes risk is going to dramatically increase and Halloween game modes are inbound!
All Saint’s Eve is always a big deal for Valves’ Team Fortress 2, with the “Scream Fortress” maps now back in rotation.

Scream Fortress 2

Scream Fortress 2

If you’ve got TF2 (If you don’t, you should! It’s FREE!) you can find the horror themed update by simply booting up your game and joining a multiplayer session. The maps feature a couple of sweet changes like undead enemies and all new achievements!

Who knows what the Halloween period will hold for TF2 players, with Valve saying that re-introducing these maps into circulation is meant to ease players into whatever terror Scream Fortress 2014 will unleash. Past scream-fests have included new events, new maps and, you guessed it, NEW HATS!

Team Fortress 2 is available on Windows PC as a free download through Steam.

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