GTA: San Andreas HD port coming to Xbox 360

Arguably the most popular installment of Rockstar‘s GTA series, GTA: San Andreas, is getting the the good ol’ up rez treatment, with Rockstar announcing GTA: San Andreas HD.

Hey esé, don't you know I'm loco!

Hey esé, don’t you know I’m loco!

The high definition port of CJ’s rise to power will hit the Xbox 360 on October 26 (10 years to the day of its original release) and feature some new upgrades. Other than running in 720p, the HD port will also include an “enhanced draw distance” and, you guessed it, a whole slew of achievements- which you can check out here.

When asked about the HD port hitting the PSN, a Rockstar representative advised that the Rockstar Support page refers only to a Xbox 360 port. So you may be out of luck there, PlayStation owners.

No price has been announced yet for the up rezzed version but the O.G GTA: San Andreas is available across a multitude of different platforms including PSN, iOS and Windows PC.

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