PAX AUS keynote speaker to throw down in Magic battle

Are you big into Magic: The Gathering? Are you heading to PAX AUS? If you said yes at your monitor to both those questions, then you have to mark this event on your schedule!

A perfect image of the ensuing battle!

A perfect image of the ensuing battle!

PAX AUS keynote speaker and Bethesda Softworks’ VP of PR & Marketing, Pete Hines, will be throwing down mano e mano with Magic: The Gathering’s Director of Research and Development, Aaron Forsythe, for what they call a friendly match- that we all know will deteriorate into a no holds barred death battle!

You may be thinking, “Dude! Hines will be annihilated by Forsythe! It’s like a possum taking on a jungle cat!”, well you may be onto something there. Forsythe seems to have the upper hand, having been a professional Magic player (know there’s a sweet job) and now working with Wizards of the Coast, just casually testing cards for them, but I wouldn’t write Hines off. Hines can hold his own, regularly competing in MTG matches AND lets not forget, he helped develop Fallout! That game has cards in it…no? That was New Vegas? Okay, get the white flag ready.

If this tickles your fancy, head to the Magic: The Gathering showcase in the Tabletop pavilion at PAX AUS, 4pm Saturday November 1. I might even see y’all there!

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