3D Realms is back and releasing 32 game anthology!

Yeah, you read that right. Developer 3D Realms, the guys that brought us classics like Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem, are back with a brand new rap and letting the world know by releasing a 32-game anthology collection.

While the original company officially closed its doors five years ago, the new 3D Realms includes some of the same major staff and is currently working on new developments to be announced in the future, according to a company statement.

Before 3D Realms essentially became the butt of industry jokes, generated by the notorious 14 year development hell of Duke Nukem Forever, they released some classic little gems. The anthology collection includes popular games like Duke and Wolfenstein but you’ve also got some awesome cult favourites like Death Rally and Monster Bash thrown in there too.

The 3D Realms Anthology Pack is available now for Windows PC and is currently available for $19.99 (USD), before returning to $39.99 after 48 hours.

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