World of Warcraft finally gets Australian servers

Aussies have been begging Blizzard for local servers for as long as World of Warcraft has been online. That’s an entire decade of asking nicely… and it seems good things come to those who wait. Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas is currently in Sydney for a special pre-launch event for expansion set Warlords of Draenor, and he brought the good news with him.

Australian servers confirmed for World of Warcraft

Yep, you read that right, WoW fans!

(Thanks to EB Games Australia for the picture!)

Technically speaking, it’s not that much of a surprise now, is it? We kinda-sorta-hoped this was what Blizzard was getting ready for when it launched Australian servers for Diablo III back in March.

Blizzard hosts a server farm in Sydney, Australia, which has been giving Diablo III fans deliciously low ping for months now, so it’s great to see World of Warcraft joining the party.

Like it did with Diablo III, Blizzard is even letting you play with gamers on other servers, so you’ll be able to seamlessly transfer your characters to the nearest location and keep playing with your current friends list.

More details are coming soon, but for now, you’ve only got a few more days of less-than-stellar ping remaining. World of Warcraft will go down for extended maintenance on October 28th… and come back a few hours later with brand new, Australian servers!

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