Dark Souls severs ties to Games for Windows LIVE

Like the fading of the age of light and the hollowing of Lord Gwyn, somethings just need to come to an end. This, however, is far more positive than either of those! The reign of Games for Windows LIVE‘s hold on the PC version of Dark Souls is over! Starting next month, players of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will be able to migrate their games and game progress to Steam.

Iron Golem all up in yo' business!

Iron Golem all up in yo’ business!

Publisher Bandai Namco Games announced that starting this November players will be able to redeem their existing GFWL tokens on Steam to get a copy of the game for no additional cost. But what about your level 562, miracle based Cleric?! Is he doomed to fade into the ether of dead servers?! Thankfully, no! For a limited time (yet to be announced) players will be able to migrate their characters, save data and achievements over to Steam too.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition has been holding out on shifting from GFWL for a while now, with Namco Bandai saying earlier this year that they planned to keep a “fully functional” version on the GFWL servers. The publisher did also say though that they were “seeking avenues to continue support and ensure the functionality of Dark Souls on other services.” Looks like they found it, huh?

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.
It is also easily the best game of all time*.

*Massive editorial bias…but still a fact.

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