Civilization V free on Steam until Thursday

Civilization: Beyond Earth takes the franchise into space when it launches at the end of this week, but if you’d prefer to play out your “one more turn”, feet firmly on the ground, 2K has made that possible. Civilization V is currently available on Steam, for free.

Of course, it’s only for a limited time, and you’ll never be able to satisfy your urges in the allocated schedule, but… if you haven’t yet tried Civilization V, or you don’t have a copy right now for whatever reason, here’s a quick fix for you.

The deal ends on October 23 at 10am PST (What’s that in my timezone?), at which time your downloaded game will simply stop working …unless you pay to unlock the game, of course.

If you’ve already bought a copy, Civilization: Beyond Earth is currently available for pre-load, so when it does actually unlock in your region (here’s a handy map of when that will be!), you’ll be good to go.

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