Ratings board reveals Limbo for Xbox One

On one hand, we almost wish that ratings boards weren’t quite so public, so they’d stop outing games before developers are ready. On the other, if they weren’t public, we wouldn’t know that Limbo is headed to Xbox One, so we’re not really complaining.

This time, the news has come via Korea’s ratings board, GRAC, which says the game has been submitted for approval.

Microsoft has long been a fan of Playdead‘s games, dedicating a chunk of its pre-E3 briefing this year to the studio’s upcoming platformer, Inside.

Inside has been confirmed as an Xbox One exclusive, so it’s not really a surprising move for the monochromatic Limbo to appear on the console as well. That said, neither company has commented on the new platform reveal just yet.

Limbo first launched on Xbox 360, and is currently available on PS3, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Vita.

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