Dreadnought shows massive spaceship deathmatch

Dreadnought is the new project from Spec Ops: The Line developers Yager. Taking a completely different approach, this one drops you into a massive, capital spaceship flying around the galaxy in a free-to-play multiplayer experience.

Today’s video shows off several of these behemoths duking it out in a little bit of team deathmatch. Game Director Peter Holzapfel is joined by Game Designer Eino Joas as they command one of the lighter Dreadnoughts in the game, the Archon. It can move faster than some of the others, but can’t take as much damage. Later in the video, we’re shown the heaviest Dreadnought, the Thanatos, and the Technical Cruiser, which can actually repair allies mid-game.

While we’re shown three, there are actually five classes of Dreadnought in the game, with multiple ships in each class. If that’s not enough choices for you, you’re also able to customise all of your weapons and abilities, armour, crew and aesthetics, as well as dedicating power to specific sub-systems to make your craft totally different to your neighbour’s.

…and even though that video makes 5v5 multiplayer look pretty sweet, if you’re not into that sort of thing, Dreadnought will also feature a singleplayer campaign when it launches on PC in 2015.

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