22 Cans release major expansion for Godus

The world of Peter Molyneux has just gotten bigger, as 22 Cans releases the first major expansion for Godus. The new content is pretty impressive, but it’s not going to be easy to explore it – you’re gonna need a bigger boat to get to the land of Weyworld.



In fact, you need an Ark to travel to the new land, which will carry 500 Followers, 500 Ore and 700 Wheat. Of course, something like that will take a while to build, so even though the new content is there, you still might not see it for a while. It’s also a one-way trip for the little people, even though you (all-powerful deity that you are) can travel back to Homeworld at any time by using the in-game Lighthouse.

The new land of Weyworld is a desert-themed island, complete with rival tribes, new terrain to uncover, and you’ll also get an all-new Timeline to unlock, the Frontier Age. It’s also more powerful than Homeworld – where else can you use a frickin’ comet to blast granite into dust?

Plus, as usual, the update adds new features and improves old ones on both the mobile and PC versions of Godus. For more details, check out the Godus website (which explains everything), or just jump in. Godus on iOS is free, but it’ll set you back US$20(ish) if you want it on PC. Versions are reportedly in the works for Android and Google Play.

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