Ever wanted to play as a piece of bread?

I Am Bread is exactly it sounds like – if you it sounds like a role-playing game where you play as a slice of bread, anyway. It’s the new one on the way from Bossa Studios, the development team behind Surgeon Simulator, which makes it even better than the concept makes it sound.

The announcement – and our first look at the gameplay trailer – came via Twitter, of course. We’re not quite sure how to play, but the storyline is simple. I Am Bread is the “beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted”. Okay?

We haven’t seen much yet, but it’s clear the game features bizarre controls (think Octodad, QWOP). We don’t know if you’re actively collecting things (think Katamari Damacy), or if the slice of bread is just getting progressively dirtier (which, you’d imagine, would be less-than-ideal for toasting).

On that note, I Am Bread features meters measuring your bread’s “Deliciousness” and “Edibility”, which we’re guessing rates you highly if you land in something tasty, and marks you down for being covered in dog fur and engine grease.

Last month, Bossa Studios posted a brief video showing “bread climbing a wall” – it looks like this game jam idea has now been built up into its own project. (Mmm, jam.)

No word on release windows or platforms yet for I Am Bread, stay tuned!

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