Tiny Tower Vegas gets haunting new content

Halloween has come to Vegas. Tiny Tower Vegas, anyway. The mobile game’s just received a shiny batch of new content, bringing a bunch of spooky additions to the architect procrastinator’s dream.

Tiny (haunted) Tower Vegas

Tiny (haunted) Tower Vegas

There’s a new Halloween elevator (complete with bats and a coffin), a Halloween lobby to unlock, a giant jack-o-lantern to perch atop the roof of your tower. But that’s just the start. There’s also special Halloween missions and themed floors, and your bitizen’s BitBook posts will take on a decidedly spooky flavour.

While so many companies are messing up their DLC releases and software changes, it’s great to see the team at Nimblebit pulling this one off in style. The holiday-themed content is now automatically playable within your game, without any required update or extra download.

TouchArcade wonders whether, perhaps, the frightening extras were tucked away inside the app from the beginning, and ponders which holidays might get the Tiny Tower Vegas treatment in upcoming months.

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