PS2 labelled best gaming console of all time

What’s the best ever game console? The PlayStation 2! …at least, so say Amazon customers, anyway. They voted in a poll that stretched from August 18 to October 5, which culminated in an all-Sony battle for top spot.

Amazon's console bracket

Amazon’s console bracket

The early stages of the poll saw users asked to nominate their favourite systems, and the top 16 consoles were drawn up into a sudden-death bracket. The humble gaming pc put in a valiant effort but missed the knock-out stage by just 9 votes, and the most popular handheld (the Nintendo Game Boy) missed out as well. Meanwhile, the Magnavox Odyssey – from 1972! – was the oldest console to receive a vote.

Once we got to the competitive bracket, things got even more interesting. The Xbox One scored 38% of the vote against the PS3, the Atari 2600 scored 25% against the PS4, and the Wii U was thoroughly trounced, gaining a mere 17% of the vote against the PS2, which eventually came out on top.

Of course, there can be only one winner, and in a one-sided battle, the PS2 took home 69% of the vote, soundly defeating its predecessor.

…in case you were curious, GoldenEye 007 was the game most mentioned as the reason for voting for a console. Surprised?

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