Steam announces 10-game Free Weekend

If you had plans away from your PC this weekend, cancel ’em. Steam is hosting a free gaming weekend – the largest in the service’s history – and offering 10 great games to you, completely without cost.

Some of Steam's Free Weekend titles

Some of Steam’s Free Weekend titles

The way it works is simple. Download any (or all!) of these games for free, and play to your heart’s content all weekend. At the end of the weekend, the games will be disabled – unless you liked them so much you buy them outright.

If you were to pay full price for all of those games, it’d set you back somewhere in the region of $250, but Valve isn’t about to make you do that. Each of the games on offer in the Free Weekend will also be available for purchase, and we’re promised “tremendous savings”.

So. The games?

…to recap: If you have a Steam account, starting 10am PST Thursday October 16 (What’s that in my timezone?), you’ll get to play 10 free games. If you don’t have a Steam account, why not? They’re free, forever!

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