Killer Instinct: Season 2 gets more familiar faces

The second season of Killer Instinct is beefing up quite nicely, with Microsoft and developer Iron Galaxy announcing both Raptor and Cinder will be appearing in the game, as part of the eight new fighters being added.

We don’t know just who else will be appearing in the game, but teasers include “an avenging ghost”, “a battle-hardened war golem” and “an ancient Babylonian sorcerer”. These, plus the two new announcements, plus TJ Combo who was announced at E3, plus Maya, who was confirmed recently, comprise just half of the new list.

As well as the newcomers though, there’s some more familiar faces – all of the Killer Instinct characters from Season 1 are being rebalanced and given new moves.

The new season will also look great – the resolution’s being bumped from 720p to 900p, with revamped combos, progression system and user interface.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 launches on October 16, exclusively for Xbox One. At launch, you’ll be able to play as TJ Combo or Maya. You then have a few options. Either download the full game for free and play as a (free!) rotating character each week; pick the characters you want and buy them one at a time for ~$5; or get a season pass including all eight new characters, extra content and a port of 1996 Killer Instinct 2 for $40. (Price may vary by region.) Choice is yours.

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