Elder Scrolls Online studio wants your help

Do you play Elder Scrolls Online? The team at ZeniMax Online wants your feedback, as they launch Update 5 onto the public test server. The new patch is so big that the studio’s even giving you pointers of the bits they think you should pay attention to.

The list of topics has been posted in the game’s forums, which suggests that you look into the veteran City of Ash dungeon, as well as the new crafting tutorials and crafting writs. You’re also asked to keep a close eye on any missing animations or non-synced video, take a look at the new chat bubbles, and play around a bit as a werewolf.

Predictably, the list itself is quite extensive. Equally predictably, the first comment from a fan is “What is in it for us if we spend time testing?”. (The answer, we assume? A better game for everyone! Hooray!)

Elder Scrolls Online is available right now on PC and Mac, headed to PS4 and Xbox One in the future, sometime.

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