The Unfinished Swan heads to PS4, Vita

Beautiful “first-person painter” The Unfinished Swan is indeed headed to both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita by the end of the year, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The game first hit PS3 back in 2012, capturing our hearts.

We’d heard rumours about the game making the platform jump, but nothing concrete until now. Happily, Japan’s brought good news: The Unfinished Swan is arriving there much sooner than we’d expected, launching on both platforms on October 23, for 1,296 yen (and there’s even a discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers). The new versions of the game are cross-buy across PS3, PS4 and Vita, so if you’ve already got the game, you should be able to happily play it on new platforms as soon as it’s launched.

At this stage, we haven’t heard any confirmed release date for other regions, but it’s fair to assume that The Unfinished Swan should be hitting North America, Europe and the rest of the world real soon now.

We interviewed developer Giant Sparrow back in 2012, to find out what the game was all about.

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