Lindsay Lohan persists with GTA V court case

Lindsay Lohan is not backing down on her legal pursuit over Grand Theft Auto V, submitting nearly 70 pages of new evidence in her case against Rockstar Games. She’s claiming the developer used her likeness – without permission – to create a character in last year’s game. Predictably, Rockstar says she’s mistaken.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

45 pages of the 67 submitted to the court are images, photographs of Lohan, and many of the illustration of a blonde in a red bikini that was used to advertise the game. Fans originally believed the “bikini girl” to be heavily based on swimwear model Kate Upton, but she has now been identified as British actress Shelby Welinder, who has presented her Rockstar paycheque as evidence.

Lohan originally claimed that the illustrated woman, used in merchandise and promotions for the game, was based on her. After Welinder’s announcement, her lawyers have changed tack, instead claiming that Welinder got the job because she is a “look-alike model”, and the campaign was designed to “evoke the persona and image” of Lohan.

Lawyers referred to a 2007 picture of Lohan, posing under house arrest in a red bikini and ankle monitor, labelling it the inspiration for the Rockstar character.

On the flip side, lawyers representing Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have declared Lohan’s suit a bid for attention, claiming the actress has “filed for publicity purposes“.

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