Sunset Overdrive goes gold, teams up with Vans

During the end times, it’s important to look good from top to toe. The team working on Sunset Overdrive understands this better than anyone, teaming up with classic apparel company Vans for a little bit of cross-promotion and product placement.

We love the level of character customisation at your fingertips in Sunset Overdrive – choose your gender, body type, hair type, accessories, apparel… make your character look the way you want as you take on the awesomepocalypse. Now, it’s confirmed that the apparel choices include an assortment of Vans-branded t-shirts, Old Skool styles and – of course – the iconic Classic Slip-On (shown above).

You’re also given special abilities, a ridiculous assortment of unique weapons, and one of the most hyper-agile characters we’ve seen in a long time – what more could you need to face the delirium drinkers?

And it seems the team at Insomniac is in an announcing mood: Sunset Overdrive has gone gold!

Sunset Overdrive hits Xbox One exclusively from October 28 (October 30 in Australia) – we have an Australian exclusive preview to bring you up to speed, and a couple of other tidbits in the works before the game gets here. Stay tuned!

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