Oculus Rift support re-enabled in Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is terrifying audiences across the globe, but enterprising modders have reportedly unlocked a way to make it even more frightening, by unlocking native virtual reality support for the game.

Sega has shown off an Oculus Rift-specific build of Alien: Isolation in the past, but the game launched without any official support for the headset. However, given how ridiculously well-suited the technology is for the horror title, it didn’t take long for gamers to figure out how to make it work.

According to modders, adding the functionality back in is a relatively simple matter of modifying “a few ini files” and using some command line options when launching the executable. This isn’t a fan-created hack, by the way. Fans in the Oculus Rift subreddit discovered that the official, Sega-authored Oculus Rift support that was used in the demos is still lurking within the game’s code, so it just required a little digging to get it out.

Got a copy of Alien: Isolation for PC, and an Oculus Rift headset? Follow these instructions, which have been tested on both Dev Kit 1 and Dev Kit 2:

  1. in ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML (found in the DATA folder) change the stereo options to:

    <Setting name=”Stereo Mode”>
    <Quality name=”Rift” precedence=”4″/>
    <Quality name=”Off” precedence=”4″/>
  2. Set the Oculus to extended mode.
  3. In the Oculus configuration utility pause the service.
  4. Start the game.
  5. To play the game normally, reactivate the service by opening the display mode and set it to “direct to Rift” and voila.

Testers have so far discovered that the modifications not only make the game display properly on the Rift‘s dual monitors, but also enables positional tracking – that is, the ability to lean around corners. The in-game light reportedly may not work as intended, but the important stuff, the scary stuff, that’s all there for you.

Alien: Isolation launched for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on October 7. Stay tuned for our review on Player Attack!

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