Next Car Game gets new name, tracks, multiplayer

While we thought that Next Car Game was a pretty snazzy name, it seems the team at Bugbear had other ideas, so the spiritual successor to the FlatOut series now has a brand new name. And, admittedly, it’s kinda more fitting, given that you’re driving around in what some might call a veritable festival of wrecks…

Wreckfest. It sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?



To tie in with the new name, the studio’s also prepared Build #6 of the game, which introduces multiplayer in a number of modes. Get amongst it in simple racing or demolition derby, or try your luck in deathmatch and team deathmatch… in those two, even if your car is destroyed, you can jump right back in again in a brand new vehicle.

Right now, the game’s only allowing 18 people on the track at once, but Bugbear is pushing to try and fit 24 in there – optimising the network code for this one will “take a bit longer”, the studio says.

There’s also a new track added to the mix, titled Speedway. On the outside, it’s an oval ring, but tucked inside it’s a figure 8 track – two for the (free) price of one!

…and if you want to take to the track in style, there’s a new European coupe thrown in as well, promising a “whopping amount of horsepower” in a nice, light frame.

But wait! There’s more!

  • The Field of Vision can now be altered, letting you find the combination of visibility and sense of speed you enjoy the most.
  • Reversing now turns the camera so you can see where you’re backing to, which is especially useful in derby matches, where reversing into someone is an effective way to deal some damage without crippling your own car in the process.
  • Car upgrades now work on online modes as well
  • You can specifically search for servers where your Steam friends are playing

For the full changelog, head to the Wreckfest forums, and remember – this one’s in Early Access, so bugs and issues are all par for the course. If you love driving (or if you love crashing), Wreckfest is still worth checking out – particularly with these new additions (and that new name!).

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