Pro-gaming team banned: "Too good to be girls"

An all-female pro-gaming team has reportedly been disqualified from a Dota 2 competition because they’re too good at the game. Organisers at the recent Girls Wars SEA event felt that one of the members of team Dolls plays the game “like a boy”, and has kicked the whole team out of the contest.

UPDATED with response from event organisers!

Dota2 gamers:  team Dolls

Dota2 gamers: team Dolls

An administrator, claiming to know the difference between “girl and boy game style”, has commented on the team’s midlaner, stating that a girl “can’t play like that”. A new statement from the organisers reveals that admins suspected that team Dolls were using a male player as a pilot during a match against Team DDR, despite having no proof.

While monitoring the game, we carefully observe for the consistency of gameplay of the player by also checking her other gamelogs. As we see that there was a tremendous change on how the hero was played during early compared to mid game.

The organiser admits this was not enough to disqualify the team outright. However, team Dolls had also failed to provide the event with their Skype or raidcall details, explaining they would prefer to use in-game voice chats. This had raised suspicion, so Girl Wars SEA organisers (Dota2zone and partner site Dota2Girls) already had the team under close watch.

As much as we wanted to go by the rules, and consider the team’s effort to be present on the tournament, we did allow them. But have noted their violation and so we did carefully observe their team.

Further confusing matters is the fact that the girl in question had let her boyfriend play on her account multiple times in the past. With those three elements in place, and despite the team denying the boyfriend’s involvement in the tournament, the organisers decided to disqualify the team “without the single thought of offending any other female players”.

We hope this will clear up our side, both Dota2zones and in behalf of Dota2girls, and that further issues also will actually be discussed within the involved parties first before everyone else started their assumption. We had both males and females specially Dota2Girls working together for Girls Wars SEA, and there is the least possibility that we intend to be a sexist except for being fair. Both are also looking forward to share thoughts and efforts in offering quality tournaments for everyone.

We have contacted team Dolls for more information from their side of the story.

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