Disney pulls Tiny Death Star, takes over Steam

There’s some good news and some bad news for Disney fans today. We’ll get the bad stuff out of the way first, because it’s a killer: Tiny Death Star has been pulled from mobile platforms. The good news? A stack of Disney games have hit Steam. Fair trade? You decide.

Tiny Death Star

Tiny Death Star

Star Wars Assault Team has also been removed from both the App Store and Google Play – just five months after it was officially launched.

Disney explains that both games have been yoinked so that the publisher and Lucasfilm can instead focus on “higher priority titles”, including the recently-launched Star Wars Commander.

Tiny Death Star is, of course, the Star Wars-themed version of Tiny Tower, created by British mobile studio Nimblebit. Developer Ian Marsh claims that his company was not told about the game’s removal until after it had happened. Explaining that Tiny Death Star was “a significant source of revenue for us”, Marsh says the decision to remove it hurts the small company. “My assumption is they don’t feel it is worth it to maintain the game any longer,” he says.

If you’ve already purchased Tiny Death Star or Star Wars Assault Team on your iOS device, you can still access it through the Purchased tab – if you never had a chance to check it out, now you’re outta luck.

On the flipside of all of this, Disney has launched more than 20 of its games onto Steam, giving PC gamers a whole new library to check out.

The collection includes games like Disney Alice in Wonderland (based on the Tim Burton film), fan-favourite LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story 3 (labelled the precursor to Disney Infinity).

It’s not all movie tie-ins, though: You can also snag off-road trick racing game Pure or odd reality-tv racer Split/Second, if that’s what works for you.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is also here, making its PC debut… perhaps the less said about this one, the better.

Making this whole deal even sweeter, you’re able to get all these games for 10% off if you pick ’em up before Sunday, October 12 – if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in.

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