Gotta collect 'em all: Pokémon TCG hits iOS

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is officially hitting iOS sooner than we thought, landing in selected regions today and rolling out across the world over the rest of the week.

Pokemon TCG on iOS

Pokemon TCG on iOS

As promised last month, the app will let you play the online version of the full-blown Pokémon Trading Card Game Online on your iOS device (iPad or iPad mini). While the app is free-to-play, you will need an internet connection to use it, whether that’s a Wi-Fi connection or your device’s 3G plan.

Overall, The Pokémon Company is promising a “similar” experience to playing the game on PC or Mac, to the point where your digital card collection is shared across all your devices. No cards? No problem! To get a head start on collecting ’em all, the developers are giving TCG Online fans a number of free decks!

Of course, this is a digital version of a real-world game, so there’s some crossover there too. If you pick up theme decks, booster packs or other Pokémon TCG products in the real world, you’ll also get a code card to unlock digital content in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

Check your local App Store for launch times – Pokémon Trading Card Game Online should be available in the UK, France, New Zealand, Europe and Australia right now, hitting the U.S. tomorrow and other regions later this week. Remember – it’s free!

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