SpeedRunners fans rack up 160 years of playtime

SpeedRunners is a game all about going fast. It launched last August on Steam Early Access, and in just over a year, developers claim gamers have racked up more than 160 years of playtime.

SpeedRunners (Click to embiggen)

SpeedRunners (Click to embiggen)

Developer DoubleDutch Games explains that part of the game’s popularity is thanks to YouTube personalities like PewDiePie – crediting the video star with the game’s ridiculous success in his home country. According to the team, 1 in 1,000 people in Sweden own a copy of the game.

The game’s still not finished, with the final version due by the end of 2014 “…probably”. As well as the PC version via Steam, we’re also promised a free version of SpeedRunners and a copy for Xbox One, following in 2015.

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