Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition spills the beans

Want to know everything about Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition? Well, Square Enix isn’t quite going to tell you everything, but this brand new 101 Trailer should give you a fair idea of what you’re up against.

To start off with, the game’s been polished up to native 1080p with new high-res textures to make the game look super-shiny on the latest generation of consoles. The game also takes advantage of the new hardware’s processing power, increasing traffic and pedestrian density, adding ambient fog, retweaking the lighting and generally improving gameplay.

The Definitive Edition includes a total of 24 pieces of DLC that have been released for Sleeping Dogs since the game launched – including the horror-themed add-on Nightmare in North Point

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One from October 10.

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