Steam Music Player available to everybody

The Steam Music Player is now available, following a lengthy beta test. You’re forgiven if you’ve forgotten about it – but basically, it’s a way to integrate your music library into your Steam client. You can either play tracks from your own library, or the studio’s also made a number of game soundtracks available.


In fact, to celebrate the public launch of Steam Music, Valve is giving away a number of its own soundtracks to anyone who owns the original games. To sweeten the deal, if you don’t already have copies, the full games are available for 75% off.

The current discount list includes Half-Life, Half-Life 2 (as well as both Episode One and Episode Two), Portal, Portal 2 and – not a game at all – the Free to Play documentary.

All seven titles are available at discount until October 1st, but don’t miss out!

Steam Music is included in the latest update for the Steam client, simply restart the program and you’re good to go. The “Soundtrack DLC” included in the titles mentioned are downloaded as MP3s in separate updates, and slot into the Music folder for each game.

Once installed, you can listen to entire albums, make playlists and organise killer mixes, all within the Steam client – whether that’s on your desktop or using Steam overlay in your game.

Valve also explains:

We’d love to hear your feedback, feature requests, and ideas for where Steam Music should go next. Stay tuned, as we plan to add more features so you can experience Steam music in new ways. We’re just getting started.

If you’re ever looking for the perfect music to listen to while working at your PC, rather than gaming, Player Attack recommends video game soundtracks. Think about it. They’re designed to play in the background, provide enough interest to not be dull, but also not be too interesting so they distract you from your focus…

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