Fantasia: Music Evolved's symphonic soundtrack

Fantasia: Music Evolved features a whole lotta great tunes from all sorts of modern artists, but the developers have also been working on an original soundtrack for the game to launch alongside it.

Gwen Bethel Riley is Head of Business Affairs Music at Disney Interactive:

The Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved soundtrack is a perfect marriage of classical music and contemporary game score that will take listeners on an animated journey through the layered worlds of the modern Fantasia with the timeless feel of the original property.

The Fantasia: Music Evolved soundtrack album features classical favourites and beautiful new music scored by Inon Zur and the music team at Harmonix. The pieces are performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of London and Academy of St. Martin In The Fields, all recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Main Theme – London Symphony Orchestra (Inon Zur)
  2. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor – London Symphony Orchestra (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  3. Meeting The Master – Inon Zur
  4. The Shoal – Emeen Zarookian, Steve Pardo
  5. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Allegro) – Academy of St. Martin In The Fields (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  6. Introducing The Hat – Michael Veloso, Inon Zur
  7. The Hollow – Michael Veloso, Inon Zur
  8. Night on Bald Mountain – London Symphony Orchestra (Modest Mussorgsky)
  9. Scout’s Theme – London Symphony Orchestra (Inon Zur)
  10. The Nation – Peter Moore, Steve Pardo, Inon Zur
  11. Symphony No. 9, from the New World, IV. Allegro con fuoco – Chamber Orchestra of London (Antonin Dvor├ík
  12. Pressing On – Michael Veloso, Inon Zur
  13. The Press – Drew Olsen, Inon Zur, Steve Pardo
  14. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 – Chamber Orchestra of London (Franz Liszt)
  15. Asking The Moon – Michael Veloso, Inon Zur
  16. The Capsule – Peter Moore
  17. The Next Phase – Michael Veloso, Inon Zur
  18. Making An Impression/A Malignant Force – Inon Zur
  19. The Apology – Inon Zur
  20. Selections from the Nutcracker (Medley) – Academy of St. Martin In The Fields (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
  21. The Four Seasons: Winter, I., Allegro non molto – Academy of St. Martin In The Fields (Antonio Vivaldi)
  22. Theme from Fantasia: Music Evolved – Inon Zur
  23. A Familiar Friend – Michael Veloso
  24. Finale – Inon Zur

In keeping with the spirit of the game, which is all about remixing and re-imagining the music, the soundtrack for Fantasia: Music Evolved will also be released as a “Director’s Cut” edition, featuring exclusive remixes of the classical selections as well as original score B-sides.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved puts you firmly in the magical realms of Disney’s Fantasia, where you have been selected by the legendary sorcerer Yen Sid as his new apprentice. Using the Xbox Kinect peripheral, the game follows your magical, interactive and immersive motion-controlled journey – all with some killer tunes.

The Fantasia: Music Evolved soundtrack will be released via streaming, digital download and physical CD on October 21, with the Director’s Cut edition only available through the Sumthing Else Music Works website.

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