Rocksmith 2014 Edition finally goes next-gen

Get ready to rock: Rocksmith 2014 Edition is headed your way in November, hitting Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you’ve ever wanted to learn guitar but hoped someone would make a game of it on one of the new consoles, you’re in luck!

Already available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Rocksmith 2014 Edition is hitting shelves on November 6th across Europe, Middle East and Asia (that includes Australia and New Zealand), and Ubisoft is very happy to announce that the game will take full advantage of both consoles’ streaming and capture features. If you ever wanted other people to experience the fun of practising the same riff over and over again – now’s your chance! (You can also use the system to show off your favourite custom tones from the Tone Designer function.)

If you’re not sure which platform to get it for, something that might sway you towards PS4 is the inclusion of Remote Play support. You’ll be able to watch songs play out on your PlayStation Vita handheld, without any scoring or input required. It’s not quite the full-on experience of playing in front of a console, but it does mean you can study specific sections of a song, review a tune in its entirety without feedback, or – crucially – go practice in another room when someone else wants the TV.

There are currently more than 300 songs available for purchase on the Rocksmith network, and 2014 Edition comes with 50 of its own. If you’ve already purchased songs for earlier versions of the game and want to upgrade to the latest platform, DLC tracks can be imported from Xbox 360 to Xbox One or from PS3 to PS4 without repurchasing content or paying additional licensing costs.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition ships with the super-shiny Rocksmith Real Tone Cable that converts your guitar’s analogue signal into a digital code, recognised and played by your console. More than two million people have used the Rocksmith method to study – it is reportedly the fastest way to learn guitar – will you pick it up?

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