These are your weapons in The Order: 1886

A brand new dev diary for The Order: 1886 shines a little light on just what weaponry you’ll be playing with when the game launches early next year. With the game firmly set in the 19th century, it’s no surprise that the weapons are lifted straight from that era, with a little sci-fi thrown into the mix.

Nikola Tesla plays a key role in The Order, as he keeps your team well-stocked with weapons. Ready at Dawn, the real-world developer behind the game, has drawn heavily upon the technology that the great inventor had at his fingertips.

CEO and creative director Ru Weerasuriya explains:

Because our Industrial Revolution is a result of the war between Humans and Half-Breeds, many of the inventions of our timeline are primarily focused on ways to aid in this fight. Guns such as the Carbine, the Coach Gun or the Maschinenpistole are common occurrence in the game and represent the technology of the era. While others based on electricity such as the Arc Gun, or based on alternate ammunition such as the Aluminum Iron Oxide of the Thermite Rifle, provide a way for us to use real technologies and materials of the times, while building weapons that did not exist.

Lead Concept Artist Joe Studzinski explains that the team researched each type of rifle that was built between the Industrial Revolution and World War II. The ultimate goal was to create a Victorian version of the AK-47, the in-game combo rifle, which also features an alternate fire mode to provide a concussive blast.

The Order: 1886 hits PlayStation 4 exclusively on February 20.

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