Harmonix announces the end of Rock Band Network

The time has come to say farewell to an old friend. Harmonix has announced that it will no longer look after the Rock Band Network. The company isn’t shutting the service down just yet, but it will not be adding new content to the website or maintaining the network, so it will – slowly but surely – start decaying.

It’s a sad day for the Rock Band community, who thanks to the RBN have kept the game going long after people had consigned Guitar Hero to the dustbin of history.

Harmonix actually stopped releasing DLC for the Rock Band franchise back in April 2013, but the servers have remained online since then. It’s not all been smooth sailing in the 18 months since, with the service reportedly “plagued” with technical issues.

A public statement from the publisher explains:

Some of those problems were server side here at Harmonix, while others were entirely outside of our control. At this point, with Harmonix resources devoted to several other titles in development, we’re no longer able to operate RBN with the kind of consistency that it deserves. As a result, we will no longer be taking any submissions or releasing new content through RBN.

The studio’s quick to reassure fans that anything that’s on the network will still be downloadable until further notice, “so if you’ve got some plastic instruments still lying around and want to say goodbye, you should get on it.”

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