World of Tanks gets destructive Tank Rally mode

A brand new gameplay mode has been added to World of Tanks, specifically designed for gamers who feel the need for speed. Tank Rally is – essentially – a demolition derby featuring giant military vehicles, and it’s available for a limited time.

While we’d kinda love it if it was a free-for-all, Tank Rally puts you in a team of three players, up against another team on a specially revamped map. Your mission is simple: Race to the finish line and capture the control point! …of course, the other team has exactly the same mission, so while you’re at it, you should probably try to take them out as well. (Destroying your opponents shouldn’t be too hard. There are ramps, explosives and other interactive objects dotted around the map, so one shot could well win the game.)

To level the playing field a bit, you’ll all be driving the same tank. A custom-built M24 Chaffee Sport will be given to all registered players, and is the only vehicle allowed on the battlefield.

…and by way of thanks, if you’re on a winning team, you’ll be given an in-game Racer 2014 medal and a stack of combat missions to earn extra experience points and credits.

The Tank Rally mode in World of Tanks will onlyl be available from September 29th through October 12th – so limber up and roll out!

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