Bloodborne releasing Feb 6. 2015

Excuse me a second whilst I attempt to re-compose myself after seeing all this awesome stuff coming out of TGS! Screw it! It’s a lost cause because we’re about to start talking Dark Sou- I mean, Bloodborne!

From Software announced their totally not (but totally so) Souls series spiritual successor, Bloodborne, as having a release date set for Feb 6 2015 in North America! That’s only one day after it’s Japanese launch date!

For those of you out of the loop, Bloodborne is a gothic, Victorian-era action role-playing game that appears to have taken its concept of reality from a disturbed Japanese man’s worst nightmare! From and Sony have confirmed it’ll be on par with the Souls series in the sense of difficulty but in a different way, as it features all new combat mechanics and strategies.

In the latest trailer out of TGS, Sony and From showed of the new online component, which promises cooperative and asynchronous play. It also showed the introduction of friendly (although still nightmarish) creatures called “Messengers” who will be your vassals for communication in the world.

Sony has announced that there will indeed be a collectors edition when Bloodborne hits US shores (surprise, surprise). This premium edition will come with a Steelbook collector’s case, an art book featuring concept art from the game and a digital copy of the game’s complete soundtrack.

Bloodbourne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will launch Feb 6. 2015.

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