NBA 2K15 technology wants to capture your beard

2K Games is giving you two ways to embrace the latest technology used in NBA 2K15. Both are illustrated in these new trailers, so which one you choose really depends on whether you like beards or not.

If you do like them, this first video is for you – a look at Rockets NBA All-Star (and NBA 2K15 highlight athlete) James Harden, and his delightful facial hair.

…of course it’s not all about beards. 2K has just revealed its new in-game face-scanning technology for NBA 2K15 that means you can put yourself into the game (even if you don’t have a beard).

The game uses your console camera to capture a number of points on your face, then take customisation to an all-new level with a “true, 3D representation”. If you’ve ever wanted to be an NBA player (but didn’t want to put in much physical effort), now’s your chance!

NBA 2K15 hits shelves October 9 in Australia/New Zealand, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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