Goat Simulator out now for iOS

If we knew that Goat Simulator was coming to mobile, we conveniently forgot about it – which is lucky, because it means we were surprised all over again now that it’s actually here! The ridiculous game has just landed on the New Zealand iTunes App Store, which means it’s hitting the rest of the world in the next little while.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

Developer Coffee Stain Studios announced the news yesterday via Twitter, noting that the September 18 date applies to both iOS and Android. The mobile version will set you back around $4.99 (varying slightly by region), so really you don’t have many excuses not to grab it.

The fact that Goat Simulator has already popped up suggests that someone might have gotten a little overzealous and released the game a day or so early, but we’re not complaining.

We don’t know yet whether the game is available in your particular location, but if you want to check out Goat Simulator on the App Store, that link should redirect to your local version when you’re able to buy it.

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