Monument Valley developer preparing new levels

If you love beautiful games that twist your perceptions, we’re guessing you’ve already played – and loved – Monument Valley. And if you’ve played it, you’ll know that the biggest (perhaps only) complaint is that it’s too darn short… but all that’s about to change.

Monument Valley - new levels

Monument Valley – new levels

UK developer Ustwo has confirmed that new levels for the game are on the way, due out before the end of the year. The studio’s Twitter account states simply that the team is “working on new #monumentvalleygame levels”, and posted the above image as proof.

The new content pack will reportedly “nearly double” the game’s size, and – while we’d love a free update – will be released as an in-app purchase when all the content is ready.

Monument Valley is out now for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire – if you’ve not yet checked it out, you really, really should.

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