Elite: Dangerous sets a price point for Q4 launch

Elite: Dangerous is playable in beta mode right now, if you paid up for the right Kickstarter tier (or the equivalent post-Kickstarter option). If you didn’t, preferring to hold out until the official retail launch, we now have a pricetag for you.

Picking up the game as soon as it hits shelves will set you back US$60 – but there’s still another option to get things a little cheaper. Pre-order the game right now, and you’ll get the Day One Mercenary Edition for US$50, which bundles up the base game, a second Eagle Fighter ship (in a second in-game location), a digital player guide, a digital concept art book, a shiny decal and some exclusive paint schemes – plus more nifty stuff yet to be announced.

We don’t yet have a 100% set release date for Elite: Dangerous, but we have been promised the game in Q4 of this year, for both PC and Mac. If you want to hop in and pre-order, you should head to the official Elite: Dangerous website!

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